Next Destination in my UjENA!

Next destination

Where in the world should you show-off your NEW UjENA Swimwear Next? With so many fabulous places to choose from, it’s hard to choose! World travelers, long-time UjENA Customers and super-in-love couples cant decide on a location? If your criteria is sunshine, relaxation, fun, and gorgeous setting, then we’ve got some amazing destinations straight from our favorite people…..YOU, Our customer!

Top of the list…Riviera Maya!  Other favorites include Tahiti, Tortola Island and St. Thomas.

 Next up… Reto wrote and said, a must-see vacation spot is Porquerolles Island in the South of France.  I must say, this is a new one for me as I’m not as familiar with European Vacation spots.  I did a little research and found that this Golden Island is a must-see.  A gorgeous sea-port in the French Riviera, Portquerolles is the largest and most visited of the three Golden Isles or The Natural Islands.  Check out Holiday-Riviera to find out more about Reto’s favorite vacation spot.

Ready for more?

Kathy says “Las Vegas for shows, pools, shopping and sun!”  And, “Mexico when I want to totally relax”. Debbie emailed me and is lucky enough to live at her favorite beach spot…. Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida.  Meghan scuba dives in Cozumel, Mexico and finally for those looking for a Caribbean experience…Horseshoe Bay and St. Barts and favorite hot spots.


Wherever you choose to spend your time off from the real world, be sure to bring your favorite book, a great attitude, a sense of adventure and of course, your UjENA Swimsuit! If you need help choosing your dream suit for your dream vacation contact your personal UjENA Concierge Specialist:, or