UjENA Swimwear has worked with MANY talented Photographers ALL around the world, and we have LOVED working with each and every one of them.

This week I wanted to share some of the amazing work we have recently received from a few Photographers around USA! Thank you to ALL who have send in your Photographs and we cant wait to see some more ☺

Ted Mebane Photography

We have worked with Ted for years……he has attended many private UjENA Events and has showcased his brilliant work, day in and day out. Ted has taken UjENA Around the World on his adventures.  He has worked very close with our Staff Photographer Bob Anderson and President/Head Designer of UjENA Lisa Anderson to create the art of luxury, class, and elegance through his images.

Model Vanna Vee wearing UjENA Hot Pink Tonga in Trinidad.

 This year we were fortunate enough to be introduced to two Photographers from Florida, both of which are talented and have captured our product in an incredible way. Florida has such beautiful beaches and locations all around to shoot which makes the photos look even more inviting. Thank you so much to TLaNiece Photography & WhipRay Photography for sharing your Images with us.

TLaNiece Photography


WhipRay Photographer

Sindy P

We  enjoy working will all the fabulous Photographers around the U.S…..BUT since UjENA Swimwear is hand-made, hand-sewn in Mountain View, California, we specially LOVE when we have a chance to partner with Cali Photographers like Frank Zhen Photography & Shew Design Photography. Thank you to the both of you always supporting UjENA and helping us grow as a company ☺

Frank Zhen Photography

Model wearing Sexy Jolie Tie Bikini

Shew Design Photography

Model wearing UjENA Big Star Tonga w/Big Star Sarong

We thank YOU all again for your constant support, we greatly appreciate everything you do.

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