UjENA Vintage! 

 It has been known that certain styles seem to re-gain their popularity and come back as a trend after several decades have past.  That is why today, vintage clothing, especially swimwear is so popular in 2015.  This is not only due to history but because designers are now adding their own touches to these classic styles which is making pin-up clothing so unique and more popular than ever!  And, this is exactly what we have done here at UjENASwimwear.  We’ve taken glamorous bombshell style bikinis and classic 1-PC’s and added our own flare. Whether it be manufacturing these styles in modern, bold prints or even in the classic black and white polka dots, we’ve gone as far as re-creating the “vintage look” with a modern edge while keeping in mind what will look great on ALL different body types.  We live in a time where usually everyone wants the newest, the latest and greatest, but for some reason, popularity is growing towards sporting something that your grandmother used to wear but in a hip and fashionable way.  It always feels good to be able to “escape” back into an era that takes you away from the stresses of the twenty-first century while continuing to make you look super amazing!  
So, here at UjENASwimwear, we like to be able to take you to wherever you may want to go.  Pick a style…we have vintage, animal prints, sexy, patriotic, solid fabrics, neon fabrics, fashion suits, crochet bikinis, anything you can pretty much imagine, we have it.  Come and see why we can say: A little bit sexy.  A little bit sassy.  A lot about EVERY woman.  Check out our vintage swimwear along with hundreds of other styles at www.ujena.com