YOU can ALWAYS HELP others….even in the most unlikely of places!


At UjENA, we sell swimwear, ladies swimwear. Our products range from teeny tiny bikinis to fuller coverage swim dresses. We’ve often thought… we are JUST a swimwear company, we’d love to help others, but how? You can’t send bikinis to folks that are in need of shoes or clothes. THEN, we heard about a special place called Maryvale. An agency that helps young girls ages 6-18 in need of a loving home away from horrible conditions like abuse and neglect. These girls arrive with nothing. Dawn from Maryvale asked us if we would donate some modest swimwear for the girls so that over the summer they could have something other than cut off jeans and a t-shirt to swim in. Our answer was…. OF COURSE!!! And so, for the past two years, we have happily sent off UjENA Swimsuits so that these sweet girls could have something to wear to the pool. It may seem small but to these girls, it’s something special, and it’s something just for them. We aren’t telling you this to pat ourselves on the back but instead to help encourage YOU in whatever you do to reach out and help others….because you never know where there is a need and where YOU can help… sometimes it’s in the most unlikely of places. We would LOVE to hear from you. How do you help others?

Lisa Anderson 
President & Head Designer of UjENA Swimwear