UjENA Swimwear Fashion Police

UjENA Swimwear has been Making Women Feel Sexy since 1984 so I guess you could say we’ve “Been Around the BEACH” for awhile.  Time and time again, season after season, we see the celebrity and entertainment magazines boast on how good so and so looks in her swimsuit.  Sometimes they are completely right, most of the time, not so much.  While we know that most celebrity females have fashion stylists, we truly believe they don’t have a helping hand with their swimwear selection process.

We usually see the wrong styles on the wrong body types, among an array of other fit issues.  Some of the more common problems we see are side boobs, muffin tops, wearing the wrong size (whether it be too big or small), outdated prints, way too many straps, and just plain distracting designs.  The result of all of this is that the swimwear looks highly unattractive and more importantly, the person wearing it does too.

So, we have decided to voice our opinions and give what we like to consider our “expert advice.”  We have been on hundreds of photo shoots.  Outfitted hundreds of models in our swimwear, and watch swimwear trends and styles literally every day.  For years.  So, when we see a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, that is having a bikini faux pas, we feel the time has finally come for us to step in.

UjENA will be keeping our eyes open for our favorite celebrities in their swimwear just as closely as the paparazzi will, as well as anxiously awaiting who’s displaying themselves on social media outlets in suits of their choice.   We have a feeling there will be a lot of #skinstagram shots but will those posts be “Beachin’ Hot” or a #BikiniFail?  We will all soon find out.Swimwear Fashion Police Swimwear Fashion Police  

In the meantime, visit us online at www.ujena.com and browse our swimwear selection where you are sure to find something right for you.  We have Bikinis in every style you can imagine along with One Piece swimsuits, Tankinis, Swim Dresses, Cover-ups and more!  Real swimwear for real women is not only our passion but our goal when great looking swimwear is involved.