“I have been a UjENA Jam Staff Model for many years and have been fortunate enough to travel to some very exotic locations and see the world because of modeling & UjENA Swimwear

-Trisha Tompkins-

Trisha is huge asset to UjENA Swimwear, she isn’t just a model that is featured throughout our website but she a part of the Day to Day Routine at the UjENA Headquarters. Trish works closely with our President, Lisa in all areas – from design, to marketing, to product management.  She is truly an inspiration to all women and we are ALL so blessed to have her as part of the UjENA Family. 




“Trish represents all women.  She is beautiful, she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  She is loyal, caring, loving, and smart.  She’s so much more than an employee, she is one of my dearest and bestest friends,” 

UjENA President Lisa Anderson  





Trisha was born and raised in California, she began modeling when she was 20 years old and continued the modeling path with UjENA. Her first UjENA Jam was back in the late 1990’s where she competed and grew to learn a lot about modeling from fellow models, photographers and UjENA Swimwear staff.  She has been attending UjENA Jams ever since but no longer as a competitor, she is now blessed to be a mom but she still looks forward to slipping into her UjENA Suits and getting out in front of the camera from time to time.

Trisha feels that she has better improved her life after having her baby boy by deciding to eat better foods and by going to the gym religiously. She says “I feel after having children you can still look good in a swimsuit and feel more beautiful than ever! Modeling is something I LOVE and it has given me so many opportunities in my life! While I do not look to modeling as a sole career, it is something that I have done over the years for fun and for the experience.  I have also made life long friends because of this industry and I look forward to now helping up and coming models start their careers!”