What makes UjENASwimwear such a hot brand?  Well…………here are just a few reasons why we think so. We pride ourselves on more than just styles, selection, and quality. We are American made and proud of that. We love that we are different than most fashion brands who outsource to a point where they don’t know what country is making their products, or when they may or may not be available to their customers.

54515 UjENASwimwear is family owned since 1984 and we believe in doing it ourselves……..30 years strong of doing it ourselves. UjENASwiwmear employees, UjENA sewing machines, UjENA factory, UjENA customer service.  We know that by doing it this way, our customers win and so do we.  We win YOUR trust, YOUR confidence and YOU help make us look good as you are strutting YOUR stuff in our swimwear. We look forward to bringing you the newest, hottest styles each season and being a part of all the moments of your life that will be full of sunshine and smiles. Thank you for supporting UjENASwimwear and we will always do our part to support the needs of YOU, our customer. 

Come shop with us at www.ujena.com and find the perfect suit, cover-up or dress just for you.