UjENA Fashion Police: #BikiniFail

We at UjENA Swimwear love Reese Witherspoon.  Most of us have watched the majority of her movies.  We feel she’s a great actress but we have noticed one thing about her.  When it comes to her swimsuit selections, we feel she could use a little bit of expert advice, our advice in fact.

So what exactly do we mean by that?  While we truly believe she is a beautiful woman, season after season she seems to pick swimsuits that don’t flatter her body type nor styles that seem to fit her personality.  Take this latest trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where Reese lounged poolside in a black open front, plunging halter one piece that possibly would’ve looked a lot better on a different person.  Here’s why.

Problem number one, the color.  While black is always super sophisticated and does look good on most everyone, we see Reese more in fun, pastel colors to compliment her blonde locks and fashion policebeautiful blue eyes.  Problem number two, too deep of a plunging front.  As we know, Reese just celebrated her 40th birthday and we assume she wants to still feel sexy but this is a little too much for her.  We feel a little less of a plunge or even adding straps across the center would of flattered her better and given her more cleavage with a little more lift.

Third problem, the cut of the leg.  Too low for her.  Reese has great, skinny legs that she should be flaunting and using as one of her best assests.  A slightly higher cut leg would lengthen her legs even more as well as add some more attention to her waist which is a good thing in her case.

Not only would Reese look amazing is so many different styles, we think if she is going for a One Piece, she would look stunning in UjENA’s Hot Flash One Piece or even our Champagne Dip One Piece if she wanted to stick to wearing black.  These two suits have all of the elements that we feel would flatter Reese and her body shape the best!

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Other options we feel Reese would look stunning in would be those of retro styles, pastel beach prints and anything with a slightly higher cut leg.  Unfortunately, this review based on her Black One Piece earned Reese a #BikiniFail from us at UjENA Swimwear.

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