“We’re sexy and Earth friendly”

martha with bag

At UjENASwimwear we’re big on doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. It starts with using recycled bags for shopping and here at the UjENA World Headquarters we recycle the ink cartridges, all paper 
material, as well as re-purposing discarded material….. as much as possible WE try to be earth friendly
We asked our UjENA Customers, and Friends to chime in with ways that they reduce their carbon footprint.
UjENA Customer Sue emailed:  
“My daughter, Chey and I have been making totes out of old tee shirts, we go to the Goodwill when it is %5 bag day and fill it with tees, come home and make totes out of them.  We have passed them out at the nursing homes, family, friends, and have stood outside of a local store and handed them out to incoming shoppers.  It was our green random act of kindness that we’ve repeated several times.”
UjENA Customer and Facebook Friend, Brenda Rodriquez:

ujena recycles

“I recycle everything I can!  Boxes I cut into pieces to use for drawing and doodling.  I decorate old jars with paint and glitter to be used as vases 🙂 to give as gifts, they are a big hit!  I also make jewelry out of odds and ends my friends and family give me 🙂  I could go on and on.  The world is ours, let’s take care of Mother Nature.”
UjENA Customer, Kirsten emailed in to offer…
“I always turn off the water while brushing my teeth.  I hate just watching the water go down the sink…that is how I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint.”
UjENA Facebook Friend, Sharon Barzen Hopkins:
 “I try as much as possible to cook with FRESH local produce and NOT buying packaged (boxes, bags, can, or wrapped are a big NO!) items, so there is very limited throw away.  Buying dry good staples in bulk to limit “containers.”  Making sure that what CAN be recycled, IS recycled.” 


We’d still love to hear how YOU reduce your carbon footprint, taking care of the earth, our home is important.  Leave us a comment, and we’ll send out a UjENA Reusable bag to you.