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Fashion Police: Hot Suit Earlier this week Kourtney Kardashian was spotted showing off her amazing post-baby figure in a body loving One Piece in 2 different colors!  While the fit and style of these silhouette one pieces are plain and

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4 April, 2016

Pregnancy: Then vs. Now

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Pregnancy: Then vs. Now A lot has changed in the last few decades in terms of a woman’s pregnancy.  From what is eaten, to what is being worn, to just how much or how little exercise you do or don’t

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21 March, 2016

Happy Spring!

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Happy Spring

Happy Spring! Spring has arrived!  Just take a look outside.  The sun is beginning to shine a little brighter, the birds are starting to chirp a little louder, and UjENA Swimwear is very excited about this season because it means

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Our Scubawear Collection is Hot! UjENA Swimwear has done it again!  Our goal year after to year is to bring our customers the very best, made in the USA swimwear.  The year for 2016 was no exception.  We’ve brought our

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Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Ok, so we in California are pretty much known for our beautiful weather along with lots of other great things.  People have been known to move here, or stay

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Beach Wedding Destinations Dreaming of a beach wedding but worried about privacy, interruption from random frisbee-passing strangers?  Well we thought it would be fun to point out a few dreamy places that some people have chosen as their wedding destinations.

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I Am The UjENA Woman: Celine 1. Tell us a little about yourself…. Hi, I’m Céline. I’m a french mom of two teenagers. I’m 41 years old and I live in Paris, France. I love swimming and dreaming on the US beaches.

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UjENA Swimwear #IAmTheUjenaWoman UjENA Swimwear was recently taken to the beaches of Los Angeles, CA (our southern neighbor) and worn by these 2 hip, young ladies, Makenna and Emily for some fun in the sun!  We love seeing our styles

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Fall Travel! Cooler temps at home mean that it’s time to book a little Fall Travel Getaway…. somewhere warm and sandy sounds really nice right about now.  Or, how about a spa trip with a bubbling hot tub and great wine? Don’t

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2 in one swimwear

2 in 1 Swimwear Ah, the simple things in life…There is nothing better than that time of year when summer rolls around and you are ready to slip into your bikini and head out for some fun in the sun,

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