Sun, Sea, Sand and Swimwear  The beach is calling our name! Check out UjENA’s Top Five Beaches around the world for the Spring of 2016.   First thing is first…do you have a UjENA Suit?  Yes?  You are on the

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Flashback on #TBT! From Facebook, Yelp, Blogs and magazines, we receive many reviews and inquiries about our product on the daily…being that we are a swimwear company in the Bay Area, many people have much to say when it comes

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Our Scubawear Collection is Hot! UjENA Swimwear has done it again!  Our goal year after to year is to bring our customers the very best, made in the USA swimwear.  The year for 2016 was no exception.  We’ve brought our

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Britney Spears Sexy Instagram Bikini If you have been following what’s trending on social media, Instagram to be exact, then you must have seen the sexy bikini video Britney Spears just recently posted on her Instagram page.  A simple, slow

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power pint

Powerball Lottery and the Lucky Lotto Bikini Powerball Lottery and the Lucky Lotto Bikini: Powerball’s big $1.5 billion drawing is tonight and UjENA Swimwear is ready!  While Powerball is an American lottery game, and we are an American swimwear company

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Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear: How many times have you liked a swimsuit but didn’t love everything about it?  You might have loved the top but not the bottoms?  Or loved the bottoms but felt the top wouldn’t

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Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Ok, so we in California are pretty much known for our beautiful weather along with lots of other great things.  People have been known to move here, or stay

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15 December, 2015

Unique One Piece Styles

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Unique One Piece Styles Unique One Pieces; UjENA Swimwear is all about creating fabulous swimsuits for all types of women that are guaranteed to look great on every body.  While our largest selection may be of two piece swimsuits, don’t

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lets trravel

 Next Destination in my UjENA! Where in the world should you show-off your NEW UjENA Swimwear Next? With so many fabulous places to choose from, it’s hard to choose! World travelers, long-time UjENA Customers and super-in-love couples cant decide on a location? If

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All About Neon Swimwear  All about Neon………UjENA Swimwear is gearing up for 2016 with an exciting new line that we are sure are customers are going to love!  Topping that list of exciting new swimwear that we are bringing for

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