Swimwear Model: Nina Napoletano Nina Napoletano is definitely living the model life with her busy schedule, constant travel, and photo shoots all over the globe.  Now a days, she is lucky if she is able to catch a break because of

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ujena girl hannah

Swimwear Model: Hannah Colbourne We got the pleasure of working with this 6’1 Canadian beauty back in 2012 when she joined us for our UjENA Jam in Mexico.  Only 15 years old at the time, she attended our modeling event

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4 April, 2016

Pregnancy: Then vs. Now

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Pregnancy: Then vs. Now A lot has changed in the last few decades in terms of a woman’s pregnancy.  From what is eaten, to what is being worn, to just how much or how little exercise you do or don’t

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Our Scubawear Collection is Hot! UjENA Swimwear has done it again!  Our goal year after to year is to bring our customers the very best, made in the USA swimwear.  The year for 2016 was no exception.  We’ve brought our

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Swimwear Model: Talisa Gunning We had the pleasure of working with Talisa Gunning this past year at our annual UjENA Jam held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  This was our first time shooting with Talisa and we have to say

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2 in one swimwear

2 in 1 Swimwear Ah, the simple things in life…There is nothing better than that time of year when summer rolls around and you are ready to slip into your bikini and head out for some fun in the sun,

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Style of the Week: Black Swimwear  This week we are going Classic Black for our Swimwear Style of the Week.  When you think of swimwear, you usually think about bright, fun colors and prints to help put you in a

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20 July, 2015

Honeymoon in UjENA Swimwear

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Love is in the air this summer as weddings and honeymoons are happening all around us.  Brides and Grooms are getting ready to celebrate one of the most important days in their lives with planning and last minute details of

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Clean Eating By: Crystal Milana I am a firm believer that you are what you eat, the way your body looks and functions is mostly depended on your diet. For generations, most people did not think about healthy or clean

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Style of the Week: All About Gauze This week is All about Gauze!  Our stretch gauze bikinis are simply the best!  Some of the most comfortable swimsuits you will ever slip into, this light and airy fabric is perfect for

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