Sun, Sea, Sand and Swimwear  The beach is calling our name! Check out UjENA’s Top Five Beaches around the world for the Spring of 2016.   First thing is first…do you have a UjENA Suit?  Yes?  You are on the

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21 March, 2016

Happy Spring!

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Happy Spring

Happy Spring! Spring has arrived!  Just take a look outside.  The sun is beginning to shine a little brighter, the birds are starting to chirp a little louder, and UjENA Swimwear is very excited about this season because it means

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PicMonkey polka

Style of the Week: Polka Dots Polka Dots: UjENA Swimwear loves polka dots!  Dots, dots and more dots.  All dots, some dots, big dots, small dots, we have it all.  Our Style of the Week this time is all about Polka

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15 December, 2015

Unique One Piece Styles

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Unique One Piece Styles Unique One Pieces; UjENA Swimwear is all about creating fabulous swimsuits for all types of women that are guaranteed to look great on every body.  While our largest selection may be of two piece swimsuits, don’t

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November Escape Remember the sunny days? You were young and free. No cares in the world! A warm day meant replacing your school bag with your favorite swimsuit, piling in the car with your best friends, turning up the tunes

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Dazzzle in White Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day? Whether or not it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day is an ongoing debate among all women. In reality, just because the months have changed, it doesn’t mean

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Fall Travel! Cooler temps at home mean that it’s time to book a little Fall Travel Getaway…. somewhere warm and sandy sounds really nice right about now.  Or, how about a spa trip with a bubbling hot tub and great wine? Don’t

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Black Friday Giveaway

While some of us stay up late, camp out in front of stores across the USA, hassling through the crowds, fighting for the best deal on their holiday gifts, some of us LOVE to stay in and do a little shopping online, and SOME OF

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Perfect for EVERY Polka Dot loving UjENA Girl.

UjENA Ginger Bikini This vintage bikini is a MUST-HAVE for every polka dot loving UjENA girl.  @ $35 off the regular price, GET YOURS today!  High waist is super slimming and super sexy on an hourglass shape, strapless top ties

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5 things to do before you vacation

SUMMER is approaching fast and we know  here at UjENASwimwear, soon you will be somewhere traveling. In the next months you and thousands of people will be getting out of Dodge and vacationing with family and friends.  The question is, how

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