Swimwear Model: Nina Napoletano

375678_268975016470866_1876349048_nNina Napoletano is definitely living the model life with her busy schedule, constant travel, and photo shoots all over the globe.  Now a days, she is lucky if she is able to catch a break because of her demand in the modeling industry.  UjENA Swimwear was so lucky to of gotten the chance to work side by side this beautiful model when we first met her a few years back.  Nina is a hardworking, fun, and professional model that knew how to work the camera thru her tremendous modeling skills.  Here’s a little bit about her and how she first met UjENA Swimwear!

Born and raised: I was born in Boca Raton, Florida but grew up in the country of Upstate, NY in a town called Greenwich.

How did I get involved with UjENA? I got involved with UjENA back in 2010-2011. I dropped an email to there marketing team and heard back right away!

How do you stay healthy/fit?  To be honest, throughout my teenage years and young adulthood I’ve been lucky to have a fast metabolism. I like to play tennis when I can, I travel a lot and am always on the go which means a lot of walking and carrying stuff! I like to jog on the boardwalk/beach during the summer months.  I also do yoga/Pilates in the evening.
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What is your favorite place to model?  My favorite place to model so far has been Mexico and Italy. They are such amazing locations.
What is your favorite UjENA bikini?  My favorite UjENA bikini is the Monroe Shaper!
What did you like most about the UjENA Jam?  I liked that I was able to meet an abundance of people from all over the world. I formed amazing friendships from the jams, some I consider close friends to this day!
“I loved working with UjENA and meeting new people within their company. Their products are amazing and well made. I look forward working with them again.”
Nina currently resides in New York and has recently signed with MSA Models.  Her most recent campaign/clients are Boscous Retailers, Flairdot Jewelry, SkivvieBox Lingerie, Make Me Fabulous Salon & Something Bleu Bridal.  We want to thank Nina for joining us at the UjENA Jam and we hope to be able to work with her again in the future. Visit  www.ujena.com and feel free to browse our wide selection of swimwear and do a little shopping while your at it!