Swimwear Model: Hannah Colbourne

We got the pleasure of working with this 6’1 Canadian beauty back in 2012 when she joined us for our UjENA Jam in Mexico.  Only 15 years old at the time, she attended our modeling event accompanied by her mother and modeled on the beautiful beaches of Cancun. Hannah now has runway, portfolio, commercial, and on-location experience.  We think Hannah is a great #UjENAGirl and we were so happy to meet her and get the chance to work with her.  We wanted to take this time to feature her so you too can get to know her a little and read how she got involved with UjENA!

swimwear model

Please introduce yourself! Born/Raised?
Born in British Columbia but grew up in oil rich Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

How did you get involved with UjENA Swimwear?
One of my all time favorite photographers,  Amber Snow, encouraged me to participate in the UjENA Cancun Jam ’12 so I signed up!  I keep in touch all the time with friends I had made at that Jam.

How do you stay Healthy/Fit?
I enjoy food and for the most part I am a healthy eater, but come on, who doesn’t like a chocolate shake with whipped cream?  So I go to the gym as part of my weekly routine and I always work on my core.

Where is your favorite place to model?
I enjoy working one-on-one with a diversity of photographers the best…the more unique and creative they are, the better I enjoy the process.  I think I’d love to be in Italy one day modeling. 

 What is your favorite UjENA bikini?  

 I love most of the styles, especially the Camo bikinis and Neon colors.  The beach Cover-Ups are great too! 

What did you like most about the UjENA Jam?
I loved learning from the more experienced girls who were nothing but wonderful to me…I was only 15 when I went to Jam in Cancun.  I enjoyed working with all the different photographers who I realized had their own styles to adapt to.
What would you like to say in closing?
Looking forward to Jam again once school is completed.  I hope I can one day be the UjENA girl for Canada.  My goals are to continue to work with the creative Amber Snow and Stephanie Asuma and to one day make it to Sweden to be made into photographic art by Binimam.  My best advise is if you’re debating about going to the Jam…stop. ..buy your ticket and go..and I hope to see you there.
We want to thank Hannah for being our #ujenagirl and we wish her the best in her schooling and with her modeling career.  If you are interested in this years UjENA Jam, please visit https://www.ujenajam.com/