Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes!

Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Ok, so we in California are pretty much known for our beautiful weather along with lots of other great things.  People have been known to move here, or stay here, because of our weather.  We get to experience all four seasons in perfect form.  Now, our winters are no where near what our east coast friends tend to experience, but, that was a little different for us last week.  We got a slight taste of what for most states is just another “typical” winter day. The San Francisco Bay Area delivered impressive rain totals and we’ve now had the wettest December then we’ve seen in over a decade.


So why is this so important to us and how does this relate to our business of selling swimwear you might ask? Because it became even more to clear to us just last week that no matter what the weather is like outside, you always need to have a swimsuit.  We had a customer come into our UjENA Showroom about 45 minutes before closing time…in a panic.  “I need a suit and I need it fast!  I know it’s pouring rain outside and swimsuits may be the last thing on peoples minds but I’m taking my kids swimming right now to the indoor pool at the YMCA and I have nothing to wear.”  And so there we were to come to the rescue.  She tried on a few different styles and was so happy to be able to purchase something she loved rather than the few “just tops” or “just bottoms” that were on the clearance racks of some neighboring stores.

Swimwear in the winter

So, the moral of this story is…yes, no matter what the weather is like outside, if it’s winter or summer, it is always good to have a swimsuit on hand.  You never know when you may just need that little piece of clothing called a bathing suit.  UjENA is YOUR year-round swimwear shop.  And no, this customer was not on her way out the door to Fiji but rather just going up the street for some quality time with her kids.  So if you are thinking “Hey, it might not be the exact time to buy a suit”, think again.  Visit us online at www.ujena.com where you will now find some amazing prices on our swimwear as we are making room for our new 2016 designs.  It’s always an Endless Summer in UjENA, even if it’s just to the pool at your local YMCA.