Swimsuit Color of the Season: Watermelon

UjENA Swimwear has always been about creating our own trends while keeping up with the fashion world as well.  We’ve always been right on point with styles, color schemes and fashion prints.  This year, for our 2016 line, we feel we nailed every aspect possible.  Super cute, fashionable and functional swimwear is what we are all about.  So of course, it doesn’t surprise us that we have several unique styles to offer our customers for this years popular color of the season: Watermelon.

Watermelon is the hottest color this season!

Watermelon is the hottest color this season! Order YOUR UjENA Watermelon suit today! www.ujena.com

Just hearing the name watermelon makes us think of summer, BBQ’s, picnics and pool parties.  So it made sense for us to manufacture several of our new styles in this breathtaking, hot new shade!  This beautiful, sweet, ripe color looks great against any skin tone and is sure to make anyone feel amazing while wearing it.  We just knew this fabric wouldn’t disappoint so we designed several different swimsuit styles to fit the different swimwear needs and tastes of our customers.

From basic bikinis to slightly more extravagant styles (we even snuck in a sheer bikini as well), to One Pieces and an all lace watermelon tee, our design team made sure we got you covered in all areas!  So as you can imagine, UjENA’s factory is full of hot new styles and of course, the swimsuit color of the season: Watermelon.  So if you want to add a new shade to your swimsuit wardrobe this season and branch out from your typical black bikini or tropical print, (and maybe neon colors are just a tad too much for you), then Watermelon is for sure the color for YOU!

Shop www.ujena.com to find your perfect Watermelon swimsuit and get ready to rock this summer like never before.  UjENA Swimwear: where we create and handmake styles for every body while making women feel sexy since 1984.