Size Assurance 

Our UjENASwimwear Team is constantly on the look out for ways to best serve our customers.  We strive to offer innovative ways to make your swimsuit shopping both fresh and rewarding for you, our customer.  Shopping for a swimsuit is not always an easy task, and while you may choose a swimsuit that looks and feels great at the beginning of the year, as summer rolls around the suit may not fit as well.  Statistics show that women’s breasts will likely change in size and shape six times over the course of your lifetime, and waistlines change at least that many times.  The shape and size of your body will greatly affect the fit of your swimsuit, and here at UjENASwimwear we want you to feel confident and sexy all year long.  Whether it’s weight loss or gain, increase or decrease in exercise, side effects of medicine, illness, pregnancy or nursing, or surgery we know that your body changes with the seasons.

Size assurance Our goal at UjENA since we begun in 1984 has been to empower women to feel sexy, and there’s nothing sexy about a too tight fitting bikini bottom, or a loose bikini top.  With this in mind, back in November  of 2011 we launched a unique program called “Size Assurance.”  For a small fee you can be assured your UjENA Bikini or one piece will fit you all year long.

UjENA is the only swimwear company ever to offer Size Assurance,” says UjENA‘s President Lisa Anderson Wall.  “We know how important it is to be wearing a bikini that looks great on you.  If you lose or gain 10 pounds your bikini will not fit the same.  Instead of trying to make it work, you can now return it to UjENA within a year of purchase and we will replace it with a new size.”

It’s true, for $6.00-$16.00 (depending on original cost and one piece or two piece suits) you can have the peace of mind that the suit you buy today will fit you just as sleekly and comfortably 6 months from now.  Our exclusive “Size Assurance” Program enables you to return the top, bottom, or one piece at any time up to one year from the date of purchase for a different size of the same item.  You don’t have to keep the tags or be concerned about the condition of your suit, returns* are accepted no questions asked.
We know you want to feel and look your best as you take command of the beach, soak up the rays poolside, or relax in the steaming waters of the hot tub and with our Size Assurance program you can look and feel sexy all year long!!
To take advantage of our size assurance program and to purchase your swimsuit for the year, visit us online