Sheer and Sexy……..

It’s been known that swimwear can be one of the sexiest articles of clothing a woman can wear aside from lingerie.  But how can a tiny piece of clothing you wear to be the beach get any sexier?  Well, if it’s sheer, that’s how.  UjENA Swimwear has a wide variety of sheer swimwear that is incredibly sexy while remaining tasteful and classy.  For this week only on selected styles, we have them on sale for $20 off!

These suits are for those that are a little more daring and want to show off what they’ve got. Designed to make women feel powerful and in touch with her feminine, ultra sexy side, our sheer swimwear collection ranges from bikinis, swim dresses and even One Pieces.  So pick your favorite style and go bold…or shall we say, Go Sheer!  You are guaranteed to feel totally amazing.  

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