So we know that taking Selfies is all the rage now days. While taking photos of ourselves generally first started off with just headshots (which are still so “in”), it is now becoming increasingly popular to take full length body shots…while in your favorite swimsuit! So while the sun is still out and you have the chance to capture your Summer of 2014, go ahead and get that perfect swimsuit selfie! Flaunt what you’ve got and remember it’s all about the memories. You will love to look back on yourself come next summer or if your selfie just happens to be with a friend or two, you will be able to reminisce on the great times you had. So go ahead, turn to your “good side” and start snappin’ away.

Don’t stress over the perfect selfie. We’ve seen them all…photos of just your top half, full length photos of yourself in a mirror before heading out to the beach, taking that perfect sexy selfie of your body while relaxing in a lawn chair under the sun, or those fun selfies with a group of your girlfriends hanging out on the beach. If you happen to be wearing UjENA Swimwear, flaunt it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ #ujenaswimwear and you may just be featured on our homepage. Special prizes and Shout-outs for our favorite SELFIES! Join in on the craze and have some fun! It’s all about the memories…let UjENA be a part of it!

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