14537_103568809662498_1298172_nPlease introduce yourself….Born/Raised?

Rabecca Lee I am from a small town- Chatsworth, Georgia. I am the mother of Two sons. I have an amazing sister Stephanie (who blessed me with 5 nephews and one niece) who I am very close too. We are each others a solid rock!

How long have you modeled with and without UjENA Swimwear?

I started modeling when I was 26 and I am 38 turning 39 so almost 13 years including UjENA Swimwear. I mostly model freelance, so no agency involved. I am the face for Southern Surgical Arts.

How do you stay Healthy/Fit?

I am on a Team Elite -) out of Burmingham,Al) a competition team for athletes who do bodybuilding. I do my very best to eat clean! I workout with free weights and do H.I.I.T cardio mostly.


Where is your favorite place to model?

My favorite place to model is UTAH. I love the Salt Flats, Second is Malibu


What is your Favorite UjENA Bikini?

Honestly, being a UjENA Swimwear model I do not have a single favorite. I love them all. I feel great in skimpy to total full coverage pieces. That is one thing I love so much about UjENA Swimwear, ANY swimsuit makes you feel amazing. I do love the new high waist ones. They are simply adorable! Oh and the Marilyn is awesome.

What would you like to say in Closing?

In closing, I love my UjENA family and I encourage everyone to try UjENA Swimwear. Also. I will be competing in the WBFF Worlds Las Vegas this August, so please show me love and cheer me on. This will be the biggest stage I will ever step foot on!

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