Pregnancy: Then vs. Now


UjENA Model Crystal

A lot has changed in the last few decades in terms of a woman’s pregnancy.  From what is eaten, to what is being worn, to just how much or how little exercise you do or don’t do.  It seems as though when you got pregnant in years past, it was almost your free ticket to eat whatever you wanted to.  Ice cream at 2am? Sure, why not, your pregnant!  Or how about a deli sandwich or some raw sushi for lunch?  Now a days, if it’s not pasteurized, not organic or not all natural, it’s not good enough.  So this brings up the topic of pregnancy Then vs. Now.

Maternity fashion used to be you wear whatever is comfortable.  Does it match? Who cares.  That was the attitude of the masses.  But now, maternity fashion is on the rise.  Those who are pregnant want to look cute, fashionable and still feel like they are rockin’ some serious style.  Dresses, jeans and even little bikinis are now highly encouraged.   So of course, here comes our next topic of change.

Exercise during pregnancy.  While it has always been said that exercise (in moderation) during pregnancy was a good thing, we seem to be heading in a direction where exercising is becoming the main priority for a lot of women.  Not to mention losing all of the baby weight fairly quickly after childbirth.  This too is also on the rise and becoming more and more “expected” rather than optional, according to the media and social outlets.


Sarah Stage

UjENA Swimwear has always been about being fit, AND being healthy.  We encourage women to live active lifestyles while being comfortable in their own skin. Within the last year, we have seen several controversial pregnancies which sparked our interest to write this blog.  First it was model Sarah Stage who shocked the world with her tiny baby bump.  From our home state of California, Sarah made news when she posted a selfie 8 months pregnant with rock hard abs and barely-there baby bump.  This caused quite a stir.  Some criticizing her for being selfish and not thinking about what her exercising could be doing to her unborn baby.  Others praising her for wanting to be healthy and fit while still nourishing her baby in every possible way through good nutrition and check-ups with her doctor to see that her baby was growing the way he should.


Chontel Duncan

So this brings up our latest mom, Chontel Duncan, fitness model, who shocked the world with her Instagram posts of her body during pregnancy.  She worked out every other day for her entire pregnancy, weight lifting and all, and it sure does show.  While she didn’t seem to put on too much additional weight, her posts have also caused opposing opinions of both positive and negative.  In the end, Chontel delivered a healthy baby boy without health issues nor development problems.

 So what is YOUR opinion to all of this?  UjENA would love to hear!  We too have had several of our swimwear models recently pregnant.  During the course of their journeys they have maintained good health and exercised as well.  But are some starting to take fitness and the need to be “in shape” during pregnancy too far?  Is this what will be the norm soon?  UjENA strongly believes in having balance during pregnancy and not being extreme in either direction. Give us your feedback and tell us your thoughts!

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