Modeling to Motherhood

I know you’ve maybe heard it a hundred times.  “Here at UjENA Swimwear we have something for EVERYBody.  Something for every phase of life, something for women of all ages, styles and personalities”.  And maybe some of you question that because you have yet to purchase one of our swimsuits.  Well, I am personally here to confirm that this isn’t just a tag line of ours…when we say something, we mean it.  And yes, although I do work here at UjENA, I have my personal story to tell so…… goes.

Scan0035I learned of UjENA Swimwear  when I was in my late teens.  In fact, I was still in high school.  I loved their catalog. I loved their suits.  I wanted to buy them all but through some unique twists and turns, I ended up modeling for the company…even better, right?  I was able to model their swimwear while being able to experience the fit and feel of the different styles and looks that UjENA had to offer.  So, of course, this was now my go-to swimwear line.  Throughout my twenties and even early thirties, I tended to gravitate more towards the flashier, sexier suits.  And why not, I was travelling with girlfriends to exotic places and going on trips with my now husband.  But as we know, life for most of us at some point tends to change.  That change for me was motherhood.

It’s can be an interesting turn in someones life.  Things can change, and this change for me was the type of swimwear I decided to wear at certain times.  I recently took my son for swim swim lessons, not private.  So when I needed to find a swimsuit to wear, of course I knew UjENA had many options for me to choose from.  I wanted something that I would be comfortable in while still looking hip and not wearing something that my grandmother would’ve picked.  I went with the Turquoise Bay Open-Back Tankini.

IMG_1913 IMG_1914

It was just the right amount of coverage, was super comfortable, had class and style.  The funny thing is, I was the only mom in the pool. All the other babies were accompanied by their fathers…interesting to me but that’s another blog post for a later date 🙂

My point is, UjENA Swimwear really does have a suit for every occasion.  For every phase of your life no matter your age or body type.  So, when we say we have something for every body and every body, I can personally stand behind this and say, “yes, it’s true.” UjENA really is for every woman…….


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