Memorial Day Weekend Swimwear

Memorial Day Weekend is here!  Memories of good times, BBQ’s, and time with family and friends are soon to be made.  Of course, we love any kind of holiday, be we especially love Memorial Day Weekend for several reasons.

For one, it is the weekend that generally kicks off the “start” of summer for us.  We know, it technically is not the “official start” of summer, but it sure does feel like it!  Our customers are finding the Memorial Day perfect suits to spend their days while enjoying the sunny weather at the pool, beach, or on a fabulous tropical getaway.  Pool parties are being organized and families are planning how they will be spending their summer while the kids are out of school.

Secondly, it is generally the weekend that also kicks off the wearing of good ol’ Stars and Stripes!  Showing off USA pride is big during this time of year and we love Memorial Day Weekend because of that. We especially pride ourselves on our unique and stylish line of Stars & Stripes Swimwear.

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