Here at UjENA Swimwear we like to consider ourselves a group of fun, hardworking people.  Every day is a new adventure and we never know what the next day will bring.  But one thing we do know, and take serious, is the art of mastering each piece of swimwear that we manufacture before it goes out our doors.  And when we say take it serious, we mean it.  From picking the right CAN YOU NAME MEfabrics, designing just the right styles, making sure we have something for everyone, and last but not least, giving each of our suits just the right name.

As we are now half way through releasing our 2015 line (there’s still more to come so be on the lookout), we make sure we give our suits the perfect name.  We take everything into consideration when naming our swimwear.  Remember, these are our babies so we don’t take this lightly.  We look at the fabric, the style, the background, the mood, the model, the image as a whole.  Where would our customer wear this suit?  Is it meant for Vegas or Hawaii?  Sometimes the name may be as simple as “Sheer Stripes Swim Dress” because that’s just what it is and the name sums it up.  Or, we could take you around the world with the Canary Islands Classic, the Costa Rican Floral Tankini or the Las Vegas Leopard Clubkini.

From our SLIM suits to our Minimizers, it’s All in the Name for us!  We love naming suits just for YOU, our customer.  So the next time you happen to visit us online, know there were a group of creative minds throwing out names for that specific Bikini, One Piece, or Cover-Up you may just happen to purchase.  We at UjENA make sure our swimwear is well thought out starting with the design, to the quality of sewing, to our packaging, to the photos you see online, and yes, to that last and final step, the name.  Visit us online at and happy shopping.