Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear

Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear: How many times have you liked a swimsuit but didn’t love everything about it?  You might have loved the top but not the bottoms?  Or loved the bottoms but felt the top wouldn’t be flattering on you?  And isn’t it the worst if the print or color of a suit came in just that ONE style?  Well, here at UjENA, you won’t have this problem.  Most of our prints and ALL of our solid colored suits are offered in multiple styles so you can mix and match to find your “perfect” suit.  If you happen to find a suit you love while shopping on but don’t happen to love everything about it, don’t give up and stop looking.  We are sure to have YOUR perfect combination.  Looking for a full coverage bottom but a skimpy top?  Maybe we don’t have the exact combination pictured online?  Not to worry, all of our suits can be mixed and matched with each other so we are not always picking what  we think will look good on you,  but rather leave that  decision to you. Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best, while our job is to design swimwear that meets the needs of every woman, every body type and every fashion style in mind.  So come shop with us at and let us help you find the swimsuit of your dreams.  We have something for every body…we are your favorite swimwear company!

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