#IAmTheUjENAWoman: Janet and Megan, Mother and Daughter UjENA Customers

megan and janetMeet 2 loyal UjENA Swimwear customers who happen to be family, and who are a part of the UjENA family as well.  We always love getting to know our customers so we were very excited to hear we had a mother daughter team that love wearing their UjENA suits together.  Here is their story and what makes the two of them the UjENA Woman.

Tell us a little about yourselves:  Janet:  I’m a 53 year old mother of two wonderful daughters, ages 24 and 20.  I also have a fabulous husband.  We love attending sporting events, going out to dinner, traveling, or just sitting on our patio having a cocktail and talking.  Megan:  Hi, I’m Megan, and I’m 26 years old. I am a third year medical student and a competitive crossfitter. Most of my time is spent at school, studying, crossfitting, or playing with my dog Lilly.

How did you find out about UjENA? Janet: My husband is my personal shopper.  He buys all sorts of apparel for me and is very good at it.  He discovered UjENA a few years ago and I have lost count of how many wonderful suits he has purchased for me.         MeganI first found out about UjENA when my mom started showing up to the beach in these really cute bikinis that I hadn’t seen before! I got my first UjENA suit this past spring. My parents and I were going to our condo near Tampa, Florida for a week for my spring break. They sent me an email about 2 weeks before we left with UjENA’s website and told me to pick out some suits as a spring break gift. Everything they ordered fit perfectly, and I immediately fell in love with UjENA Swimsuits.

Tell us about your UjENA experience. What is it that you love about Ujena or what does Ujena mean to you? JanetI get so excited when I receive a package in the mail from UjENA because I know it is going to be a quality suit that I will love.  We go to the beach often and you can really tell when someone has on a well made swimsuit.  They are always flattering.  Also, once you determine your UjENA size, you will find that every suit will fit perfectly.  What other company can you order a swimsuit online from and not have to send it back? UjENA has something for every size and every body shape.  Megan: I really love that both my mom and I wear (and love!) UjENA swimsuits. My mom and I have a really close relationship, and we share pretty much everything, including the same favorite swimsuit company now! I also like how UjENA has so many different styles of suits. I can spend hours on the website trying to decide what to order next!

How do you feel when you put on a UjENA suit? Janet: The first thing I noticed about UjENA suits is how slimming they are.  I didn’t think I would be “that Mom” who wears a bikini at 53 years old.  But UjENA bikinis look so good that I want to wear them!  And the one piece suits are truly amazing.  You can wear them with confidence.  MeganUjENA swimsuits fit my body shape well. I have an athletic build, and I like that the suits fit snug, so that I can still be active, but are also cute and fun. I feel like I can layout on the beach, go for a swim, or show off my tan all in the same suit.janet5

What is one of your favorite UjENA suits and why?  Janet: I love all of my UjENA suits, but one of my favorites (that I have in more than one color) is the Retro Shaper.  The suit lives up to its name.  I tend to carry weight on my lower half and the Retro Shaper Body Slimming Bottoms are truly body slimming. Megan: I love the Black and White Calypso suit. The top is styled much like a regular bra and is so comfortable.

What was it about that suit that stood out?  Janet: I first noticed how great the suit looked online on the models.  But they ALL look good on the models.  But the Retro Shaper also looks good on me! Megan: I think it looks somewhat vintage, while the black and white contrast gives it a modern twist. The white “V” in the front of the bottoms is the perfect compliment to the white in the top without taking away from the overall simplicity of the suit.

Tell us where you wear your UjENA.  Janet: wear my UjENA suits anywhere we go where I can put on a suit.  But my favorite places to wear my Ujena are the Florida beach and the Vegas pool.  Megan: I wear my UjENA at our family condo in Florida. It is my favorite place to spend a vacation with my loved ones and having suits that I adore is the icing on the cake!

In honor of this Mother’s Day we want to thank Janet and Megan for being loyal UjENA customers.  We are honored to have such a wonderful mother daughter team representing our swimwear.  Also, a big thank you to ALL of our customers for choosing to shop with us at here at UjENA.  Making women feel sexy since 1984.  www.ujena.com