I Am the UjENA Woman : Karen

Meet Karen……..

#IAmtheUjENAWoman  Karen

Picture Compliments of Javier Velez

Karen has been wearing UjENA Swimwear for 30 years!  Yes, that makes this beauty 50 years old and still rockin it!  We first met Karen when she modeled for us back in the 80’s.  Since her modeling days, Karen fell in LOVE with UjENA and we have been the only swimwear she wears.  Karen is a mother of two, a wife, a model, a sister and a business woman.  This beauty travels the world giving back in any way she can.  From building houses with her staff in countries like Cambodia to helping in Orphanages in Mexico.  She’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, been on countless African Safaris and can whip up a gourmet dinner with heels on.  Karen says “At 50, I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to do… and I still have lots more to do!!  I am more confident in myself now then I did when I started out with UjENA, 30 years ago.  I feel sexier, more confident, and more ME now than ever… “


We are proud to call Karen a UjENA Woman.  Thank you for showing us that you can be SMOKIN HOT in your swimwear at any age. #IAmtheUjENAWoman