#IAmTheUjENAWoman: Jennifer 

Hello….My name is Jennifer Richey, I am a 32 year old and a mother of 4. I compete professionally as a triathlete, own and am partners in a Cross Fit Box, a clothing line, a leading US mobile and software agency. I speak at many events for entrepreneurs and women. For hobbies I skydive, race my sport bike, wake board and snowboard.
The first time I came across the UjENA line was at a high end little boutique while we were in Seattle of all places.  After that first boutique it seems like I see the UjENA label everywhere now, although maybe I just know what to look for now! There are two qualities of UjENA that stand out to me most; quality and variety.  It seems with a lot of other brands you seem to get one or the other, but specifically with UjENA the

Jungle Queen6

Summer Jungle Bikini

variety of not just swimwear but clothing as well and the wonderful quality always leave me longing for just one more suit. One of my favorite suits is so incredibly comfortable from the ties on the top, down to the way the fabric lays on my skin.  The suit fits my body in all the right ways as well, I don’t feel like I am spilling out of it, nor am I seeing any areas where the fabric “sags”.  With beautiful fabric, a unique cut and the fit of the suit I feel so incredibly sexy and confident- I am so thankful I can walk down the beach and not be self conscience of what I look like in my UjENA two piece.

 My absolute favorite suit (that I own) is the Summer Jungle Bikini. The swatches of fabric dangling off the side tied bottoms and top…INCREDIBLE.  I just can’t even tell you how many compliments I have gotten on that suit; the “Jungle Jane” suit as people have called it. Summer Jungle Bikini is sexy, yet strong in its cut, colors and statement. I love to travel….. everywhere there is sun, my two favorite locations are Bora Bora and Maui.