I Am The UjENA Woman: Dana


Meet Dana… This cutie and her Mom came in to the UjENA Showroom when she was 15. They were frustrated as they had been looking for a bikini for Dana and couldn’t find one anywhere… Julia Anne, our showroom manager to the rescue… Julia helped them find not one but two bikinis and we were able to make them in the fabrics Dana loved. That was four years ago and she’s been wearing UjENA ever since! Dana made such an impression on us that last summer, she worked for us until heading off to college! We love our Customers and especially special ones like Dana! From our first meeting when we custom-made her two suits for a family trip to Mexico to sending her off to College in this cute suit pictured here, Dana is WHY we LOVE our jobs! UjENA Customers are THE BEST!

To get Dana’s UjENA Looks, email us! Dana created her own UjENA suits by picking her favorite styles and making them in her favorite fabrics! Email us to order lisa@ujena.com or visit our Design Your Own Section