I Am The UjENA Woman: Celine

1. Tell us a little about yourself….
Hi, I’m Céline. I’m a french mom of two teenagers. I’m 41 years old and I live in Paris, France. I love swimming and dreaming on the US beaches.
2. How did you find out about UjENA ?
My lovely husband bought me an amazing gift. He found UjENA’s website and bought the first UjENA Suit about 4 years ago. Since that moment, I receive a new suit, every year from him. I’m always excited to know that I will receive a new UjENA Bikini gift wrapped just for me.
3. Tell us about your UjENA experience. What is it that you LOVE about UjENA or what does UjENA mean to you?
For me, UjENA is an awesome American Swimwear Brand that produces quality product. The UjENA team is so professional and they always give us quick responses and nice advice. It’s a real pleasure to have contact with them. I’m from Paris and I really appreciate everything they do for me.


4. How do you FEEL when you put on a UjENA suit? 
Firstly, UjENA suits are very comfortable with high quality fabric. It’s very nice to wear them, the brand is very stylish and so fashionable. Every woman can be found in a UjENA. When I wear one of my suits, I feel that I am proud of my body,  I feel sexy and stylish and always young.

5. What is one of your favorite UjENA suits and why?
My favorite UjENA Suit is the Patriotic Bikini. I love the flag’s color. It gives me a wink in the States that I love. I think it is very different and original because not many women wear patriot suits. 
6. What was it about that suit that stood out?
My last patriotic Bikini was so unique because it was custom designed just for me by my husband. UjENA team made it for me from my idea. Thank you so much, you’re amazing!
7. Tell us where you wear your UjENA?
I only wear UjENA during holidays around USA, mostly in Florida’s beaches or south west coast, San Diego, Venice Beach… I feel beautiful and sexy. The shape of tiny bikinis allow me to have a beautiful tan.
To Get Celine’s Look: 
Celine is wearing the Sexy American Braided  Top and Bottom