Happy Thanksgiving …. we’re THANKFUL for YOU!

UjENA Thanksgiving

We Love the Holidays!  Every year, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we have a special meal together as a company.  We are excited to be able to come together… to laugh, to eat and to rest …. together!  We are THANKFUL for YOU and for that time as a company to celebrate the year behind us and to also reflect on all the amazing people that make-up ALL of UjENA. We are a group of dedicated folks that are proud to bring you Made in the USA Swimwear and at the core of who we are is a dedicated team who make our day-to-day business a success.  We’re very Thankful for our hardworking team of sewers, cutters, designers, customer service reps, our marketing team, sales staff, IT, media-team and our web designer.  We are Thankful for our wholesalers, for our vendors, for the models and photographers, for our UPS and FedEx delivery guys, and most importantly, we’re Thankful for YOU – our UjENA Customers and Friends!  When we bring it all together, in harmony, we are blessed to have UjENA!

As you gather before your Thanksgiving Feast this week, with family and friends take a moment to reflect, a moment to offer a prayer, a moment to offer a heartfelt appreciation for life,  A time to give thanks for the small blessings in our lives, for what may be small to us may be huge for others.  We give thanks for the roofs above our heads, for warm beds to rest in, we give thanks for the food that we enjoy without a second thought. We have SO much, so give thanks for the little things, give thanks for the BIG things in life. Don’t let this Thanksgiving pass without telling someone that you love them, that you appreciate them, that you’re thankful for who they are in your life.
We hope that this week is filled with laughter, joy, happiness and Thanksgiving for YOU our Customer and Friend.
-The UjENA Swimwear Family
Lisa, Justin, Bob, Catherine, Waitman, Trisha, Julia, Lyman, Ana, Angelica, Viviana, Mike, Martin, Teresa, Sandra, Alejandro, Vicki, Gloria, Guadalupe, Angeles and Sidia.