Flashback on #TBT!

From Facebook, Yelp, Blogs and magazines, we receive many reviews and inquiries about our product on the daily…being that we are a swimwear company in the Bay Area, many people have much to say when it comes to reviewing. Since it is Thursday and Thursday are meant for a little Throwback from the past….I would like to share with you all one of my favorite reviews from June of 2014. We had the pleasure of meeting Jessica from Independent Travel Cats, who is also from the Bay Area. Jessica stopped by our factory took some notes, photos, got her favorite suit and was on her way to South Asia that month. As we were so antsy for her review to come out for all of YOU to read we hoped that she had a wonderful time and experience on her trip and most importantly in her new UjENA Suit☺!

If you are traveling to a tropical location and still looking for that right bathing suit let us know…….mention this blog post and we will give you a special code for $25 off your order of $75 or more☺ Don’t forget to fallow us on all social media for Contests, Specials and features!

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Enjoy your Beach Vacation in Style with UjENA Swimwear Swimsuits

Like many women, I have struggled to find a swimsuit that fits me well. Several years ago, I spent one entire summer going through stores’ swimwear racks trying to find a one-piece swimsuit that


Jessica is wearing the 1950’s Monroe Long Torso 1PC

would fit me. I finally gave up as they were all too long for me or just didn’t fit my body properly. However, when packing for our recent trip to Southeast Asia, I wanted to have a swimsuit that would allow me to move around a bit more and would be more conservative than my bikini. So I decided to give my search for a one-piece swimsuit another try, but I started my search online this time. An online search brought me to UjENA Swimwear. UjENA offers a large array of swimwear, including custom swimsuits and an exclusive size assurance policy. The family-owned brand sells and ships swimwear internationally, but all swimwear is manufactured in the United States. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing for me was that the UjENA store and factory are located less than 10 miles from our house! It seemed like some sort of omen so I contacted Lisa, the owner, and asked if she would be interested in collaborating with us for a review. She agreed, so read on to find out about our visit to the UjENA Swimwear showroom and factory, my swimsuit choice, and my review on how the chosen swimsuit did during our recent Asia travels. Also, I am sharing the UjENA love with all my readers with a discount code and the chance to win a free UjENA swimsuit of your own! READ MORE HERE