Clean Eating

By: Crystal Milana

11311676_908661159191659_319687506_nI am a firm believer that you are what you eat, the way your body looks and functions is mostly depended on your diet. For generations, most people did not think about healthy or clean eating and how food affects their health. I grew up not knowing anything about nutrition and what food was known to be healthy to eat and what you should avoid. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s and had started working out in a gym that I began to learn about nutrition and how to cook healthy. Still for many years I would do these “diets” to try to stay in shape and look good for the next photo shoot that I had scheduled. I still did not understand that clean eating needed to be a lifestyle and not just a diet to get in shape quickly. Through years of trying different ways of eating such as, low carbs, vegetarian, juicing and partial food fast. I began to understand what food was actually doing not just to the outer appearance of my body, but also to how I felt and the way my body functioned. I started to pay closer attention to the health benefits in the food I was eating and what vitamins and nutrients my body was receiving. Just as food affects your body on the inside, it also affects your hair, skin and nails. Not getting enough protein in your diet can cause your hair to be thin and nails to become weak. Eating healthy affects the way your mind works as well. When we are eating clean we feel better and we are more confident and happy. So the more I learned about nutrition the more I started to figure out balance within my diet.

Having a balanced diet all the time is what I consider a lifestyle diet. Eating the10731174_911289605595481_8347849730927027771_n right kind of food for your body most of the time and still being able to have that “cheat treat” once in awhile. Figuring out how to incorporate healthy fats while you cook using coconut oil, olive oil or grape seed oil. There are certain foods that I like to buy organic such as berries, apples, some root vegetables and some of my leafy vegetables. Others, I will not usually spend the extra money on such as avocados, onions, bananas and grapefruit (fruits and vegetables with non-consumable outer shells). For the last couple years, I have been buying my meats from local farmers: where the animals are grass fed and eggs from free range chickens. Being mindful about what I eat, (especially when I am cooking at home since I have full control over the ingredients in my meals) allows me to eat clean and feel great about what I am putting into my body.

I also like to give my body a break from certain foods because there are foods that are harder for your organs to break down. So I like to have one or two days a week that I eat vegetarian, since animal protein is harder to break down in your body. Doing a partial food fast once or twice a year, giving up processed foods, dairy, sugars and caffeine is great. Cleansing your body of the foods that are not as good to have will stop the cravings, it’s like giving your body a clean slate. We tend to want comfort food in the winter so doing a cleanse in the spring will get your body and mind prepared for healthier eating. It’s about bringing your body into balance, when your body is feeling heavy look into a cleanse; if you are feeling low on energy then figure out what you are lacking in your diet. Most importantly making mindful eating a regular practice so that you can find your perfect balance of eating that fits you.

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Clean Eating Clean Eating Clean Eating

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