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Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Swimwear in the Winter? Why, yes! Ok, so we in California are pretty much known for our beautiful weather along with lots of other great things.  People have been known to move here, or stay

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lets trravel

 Next Destination in my UjENA! Where in the world should you show-off your NEW UjENA Swimwear Next? With so many fabulous places to choose from, it’s hard to choose! World travelers, long-time UjENA Customers and super-in-love couples cant decide on a location? If

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Beach Wedding Destinations Dreaming of a beach wedding but worried about privacy, interruption from random frisbee-passing strangers?  Well we thought it would be fun to point out a few dreamy places that some people have chosen as their wedding destinations.

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Fall Travel! Cooler temps at home mean that it’s time to book a little Fall Travel Getaway…. somewhere warm and sandy sounds really nice right about now.  Or, how about a spa trip with a bubbling hot tub and great wine? Don’t

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Style of the Week: UjENA Ring Banded Bikinis Looking for a sexy bikini that is a guaranteed perfect fit?  UjENA’s Banded Bikinis are sure to make your body look absolutely amazing.  We have taken this popular style, added 2 rings

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Let’s Get Married ….  The UjENA Honeymoon Collection Swimwear for your special getaway.  Come shop for your Honeymoon suit today! Use code 1296 for FREE Shipping at www.ujena.com XOXOXO ♥  UjENA Swimwear


This curvalicious bikini is the ultimate slimming, retro style bikini!  Shape your body and look like a beach bombshell.  Perfect for those that want a little more lift, coverage and shape. Underwire top will make you feel tucked in and secure with its

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Here at UjENA Swimwear we like to consider ourselves a group of fun, hardworking people.  Every day is a new adventure and we never know what the next day will bring.  But one thing we do know, and take serious,

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Slip into this suit on and crush the other beach goers!  This crackled orange and white bikini will have you turning heads at the beach all day long.  Look and feel totally amazing in this body loving suit.  Halter banded top offers tons of

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So we know that taking Selfies is all the rage now days. While taking photos of ourselves generally first started off with just headshots (which are still so “in”), it is now becoming increasingly popular to take full length body

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