Bikini Body 

If you’ve ever wondered if you have a bikini body, the answer is YES. Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t have to look like a Model to look “good” in a bikini and wearing a bikini involves so much more than how you look.

If you have a body, then you have a bikini body! It’s really that simple”10725070_713218612097962_1641327221_n

The difficult part for most women is feeling confident when you are wearing your bikini and what that really comes down to is you being the best version of yourself. The beauty of it is YOU DONT HAVE TO…its not your job to look good so why put yourself through it, if you feel good then that’s all that matters. For years UjENA Swimwear has been a journey for confidence and over the years so many woman and daughters have written to us telling us of their struggles, and husbands who write boasting about their wife’s confidence after they finally wear a UjENA Suit, how they feel comfortable with themselves and in wearing a bikini. This is not only a huge honor, but it is also very inspiring to us to keep making swimwear that makes ALL women feel great year round!

Although you find a way to feel confident on the beach, we know it is easier said than done and it’s only natural to be critical of yourself, but the thing about that is, a little bit of criticism is sometimes a good thing. Without it, you would never feel the need to improve, to workout that extra day a week or to study harder for that exam. But there’s a difference between being critical and over critical. Putting yourself down for things that you can’t change or that are natural and human is never healthy. Due to airbrushed images and media pressure, it’s easy to wonder why you see the pores on your face, the cellulite on your legs and feel ashamed of a scar or birth mark. Not only that, but we women dig deeper into self judgment and wonder whether we should have bigger boobs, bigger lips, skinnier legs or a flatter stomach. The thing we want you all to understand more than anything is that everyone is different and you should NEVER compare yourself to someone else. Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone looked the same! So this Sring/Summer pick out a suit that you love, wear it with pride and let all your self doubt and self judgement out the window…..

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