Beach “Bum” it in our Cheeky bottoms!

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“I want sexy but not too sexy.” How many times have you looked for a swimsuit and thought exactly that?  A lot of us debate with wanting to look classy while not having to necessarily wear full coverage.  So what is the middle ground in all this?  UjENA’s new sexy but classy Cheeky Bottoms.  Not that long ago, when you heard the words cheeky bottom, most likely undergarments is what was being discussed.  But, now they have made their way into the swimwear world, and in a big way! These bottoms are the PERFECT solution to showing off just the right amount of skin without feeling like you are showing off too much!  While many of us have different styles and levels of comfort, we may not all feel comfortable walking around in a thong if we want to “show off” a little.  But then again, wearing a super full coverage bottom may not have us feeling that “sexy” either.  UjENA’s cheeky bottoms won’t show too much but just enough to make you feel amazingly sexy and beautiful all in one.  The perfect bottom that won’t ride up when you walk and will be perfect for getting a little extra sun on your bum!  The best part about our bottoms is you can mix and match them with a tankini, a triangle top, an underwire top or whatever makes you feel most comfortable overall.  So come and get cheeky with us.  Find your perfect swimsuit combination at