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Sun, Sea, Sand and Swimwear  The beach is calling our name! Check out UjENA’s Top Five Beaches around the world for the Spring of 2016.   First thing is first…do you have a UjENA Suit?  Yes?  You are on the

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must have

Must Have UjENA Suits As the sun is starting to shine and the heat waves are coming our way here in the Bay Area, we get excited thinking about SUMMER! BUT let’s not forget that we must feel our BEST

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Flashback on #TBT! From Facebook, Yelp, Blogs and magazines, we receive many reviews and inquiries about our product on the daily…being that we are a swimwear company in the Bay Area, many people have much to say when it comes

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sigrid 2

Model Sigrid takes UjENA to Sweden Introducing….. model,  gymnast and mother, Sigrid! We had the pleasure of work with Sigrid back in Greece 1998. She also participated in the UjENA Bikini Jam. Recently Sigrid, her friend Suzan, and their daughters

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Cabo 2015 Selects2211

Size Assurance  Our UjENASwimwear Team is constantly on the look out for ways to best serve our customers.  We strive to offer innovative ways to make your swimsuit shopping both fresh and rewarding for you, our customer.  Shopping for a swimsuit is

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23 February, 2016

Bikini Body

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bikini body

Bikini Body  If you’ve ever wondered if you have a bikini body, the answer is YES. Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t have to look like a Model to look “good” in a bikini and wearing a bikini

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Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear Interchangeable & Multi-Functional Swimwear: How many times have you liked a swimsuit but didn’t love everything about it?  You might have loved the top but not the bottoms?  Or loved the bottoms but felt the top wouldn’t

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lets trravel

 Next Destination in my UjENA! Where in the world should you show-off your NEW UjENA Swimwear Next? With so many fabulous places to choose from, it’s hard to choose! World travelers, long-time UjENA Customers and super-in-love couples cant decide on a location? If

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November Escape Remember the sunny days? You were young and free. No cares in the world! A warm day meant replacing your school bag with your favorite swimsuit, piling in the car with your best friends, turning up the tunes

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Dazzzle in White Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day? Whether or not it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day is an ongoing debate among all women. In reality, just because the months have changed, it doesn’t mean

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