Are YOU ready for SUMMER?

Are you ready to join us for the UjENA GET FIT for Summer plan?  Trisha, Julia and I along with the entire UjENA Crew are ready to get in shape for summer.  We’re helping encourage one another to get out and exercise.  I LOVE to Run!  It’s fun, easy, inexpensive and you can do it anywhere.  Anything to get your body moving is GREAT!  We’re eating right, drinking lots of water and keeping a positive attitude.  As simple as that sounds, we KNOW that it’s not always easy to do but when you keep it up, the results are awesome and side effects may include happiness, glowing skin, amazing health and looking fabulous in your UjENA Swimsuit.

Are you coming along for the adventure… It’s easy, just say to yourself “I’m in and ready to Get Fit and Healthy!”  We’ll send a Fit Tip to you via email every Wednesday.  Follow along with us on Twitter for #bikinitime tweets to motivate you throughout the week and, join us at the where you can log in your workouts and so much more!  We want YOU to feel great inside and out… so, let’s get started!

We’ll be sending out UjENA Fit Club tanks and other cool giveaways…even UjENA Suits to those of you that send us photos of your progress.  So, stay in touch…we’re here to help.  Find us on our Facebook page and let us know how you’re doing, check out our Pinterest Fitness Boards or email me directly if you need a little fitness boost! 

I’m so excited to Get Fit for Summer and I hope you are too! 

Lisa Anderson – Wall  
This week’s Fit Tip: Drink lots of water and make sure you incorporate enough fiber in your diet to keep your system balanced.  Hydration and digestion are very important for your body especially as you add more fitness to your routine.