A Mans Guide to Valentines Day

Valentines Day…..let’s be a little different.  Let’s save the new purse, perfume and balloons for her birthday.  Instead, how about a gift slightly outside of the box?  UjENA Swimwear is here to the rescue with our Mans Guide to this Valentines Day!

So we know Valentines Day is traditionally the same scenario year after year.  Chocolates, flowers, a nice dinner and possibly even some sexy lingerie as well as other tokens of affection and materialistic items.  While all these are great ways to celebrate the holiday with your special someone, how about we help you be a little more unique and give a gift that is not your typical Valentines Day present.

So what is the “present” you may ask?  Well, if it has to do with UjENA, it is a swimsuit of course. So let us set up the scenario for you. Gentlemen, there is nothing a lady loves more than knowing you think she looks sexy no matter what she’s wearing.  And sometimes, she doesn’t just want to feel sexy to you in the bedroom.  So how does this plan sound?

Visit www.ujena.com and take a look at our huge selection of Made in the USA swimsuits.  Pick a suit that you think your significant other would LOVE to wear and what you think she would look amazing in!  Book a quick weekend getaway to your favorite Resort and Spa and get ready to have her slip into her new swimsuit for some romantic hot tub time.  We will do the gift wrapping for you so all you need to do is get a card and say something along the lines of “I can’t wait to see you slip into this and look amazing” or “Let’s bring sexiness outside of the bedroom.”

Or, maybe you will be going on a summer vacation soon.  No better time than now to get the suit you’d love to see her wear.  Maybe the card can read “I know this may be early, but I can’t help myself thinking of you in this swimsuit when we enjoy some time away.”  The possibilities are endless and UjENA wants to be a part of it.

valentines day

We are offering you $25 off your purchase of $75 or more when you order by Monday February 8, 2016 before noon PST.  Use code SAVE25 and give a special and unique gift this Valentines Day.  UjENA Swimwear: Making Women Feel Sexy Since 1984.